Intelligent lighting and sensor technology

Using energy more intelligently to provide added value for man and the environment.


Connected lighting

Connectivity made by STEINEL.

Once you've understood it, it's all so very easy. The key to intelligent solutions is communication. This goes for people just as it does for technology. We put this realisation into practice right across the board. By integrating Bluetooth in over 100 products and any IoT link.


Building Intelligence

making buildings better places to live in

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and modern connectivity technologies are paving the way for a new era in the way buildings are managed and controlled. It goes well beyond automation in classic smart home environments. We are talking about Building Intelligence. This is where particularly sensitive sensors are used that imitate human sensory organs – providing the key to making buildings more efficient.


Intelligent lighting


Intelligent sensor technology for more efficiency.


For each room type

Planning examples

You will find a selection of planning examples for everyday situations in the overview, for example for offices, corridors, aisles, high-bay warehouses, classrooms and conference rooms and many more.

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