Sustainability at STEINEL

With our invention of the world's first sensor light in 1987, we practically redefined light. The fact that it only switches on when it is actually needed was new at the time and a real revolution. And a sign against waste of energy and resources.

We have consistently pursued this idea over time. As an Inventors' company, STEINEL has since come up with many intelligent solutions that bring the concepts of efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability to life. But we want and need more. The consequences of climate change are felt by us all and show us - we all have a responsibility to protect our environment and our living space. At STEINEL, we see it as our corporate and social responsibility to live sustainability - as a company that develops and produces its own products, as an employer and training company and as part of the economy and society.


Up to 5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty.
Products from STEINEL are durable and can be used for many years.


Plastic-Free Packaging.
By the end of 2022, all product packaging is to be plastic-free. Currently, 2/3 have already been converted.


Saved Energy through Sensors.
With our intelligent solutions, we unleash energy-saving potentials that sometimes amaze even us.

In the area of sustainability we apply the ESG principle. In the field Environment we provide insight into the environmental aspects of the sustainability strategy with regard to energy efficiency, environmental and climate protection. Under Social Responsibility summarize social aspects, this includes occupational safety, education and training, diversion and community engagement. Sustainable corporate governance with regard to transparent management and control processes can be found at Governance.

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What does the framework for environmentally compatible production look like at STEINEL? And how can clever product development lead to greater sustainability? A look behind the scenes shows our striving for energy efficiency, environmental and climate protection.


Social Responsibility

We put people at the center. Whether as an employee, learner, manager or inventor. Our set of values is expressed in the STEINEL mission statement. This is our guiding principle for our actions and demonstrates our responsibility.



Our goal of sustainable corporate management requires the integration of social and ecological concerns. Independent certifications create transparency and provide security for our products and supply chains.



Environmental Responsibility

92% Energy Saving

We are pursuing the vision of virtually climate-neutral parking. Replacing old lighting with an intelligently networked lighting solution from STEINEL, for example, can reduce energy consumption in an underground car park by up to 92%.


Environmental Responsibility

Plastic Free Packaging

The switch to plastic-free packaging for our products is in full swing. We are already saving more than 2 million plastic bags for accessories every year and replacing styrofoam and foam padding with sustainable solutions.



Solutions that Drastically Reduce CO2 Consumption

We are doing everything we can to further optimize our energy-efficient solutions. Through consulting and with a comprehensive range of services, we support their use in projects to reduce energy waste.


Social Responsibility

Education and Training

The knowledge and skills of each individual are the basis for our joint success. Measures for training and further education are therefore particularly important for us.



Our Commitment

STEINEL is strongly committed to compliance with the requirements of the BSCI, a European business initiative for improving working conditions in the global supply chain.