STEINEL – The Specialist in Sensor Systems, Sensor-Switched Lighting and Heat Tools.


Development, manufacturing, testing and training is all done by us: "German Quality made in Europe" that's what the STEINEL name stands for.
Germany Quality Made in Europe
From A to Z, STEINEL Professional does everything itself: with 1,200 members of staff, its own team of over 70 physicists, engineers and electronics experts, its own development laboratories in Switzerland and in Germany. The result is a uniquely broad range of technologies for controlling and automating lighting in line with demand.

This brand quality is ensured by
  • Our own precision manufacturing facilities at five locations in Europe
  • Doing our own research and development
  • Making our own tools and prototypes .
  • Producing our own electronics, plastics and injection mouldings
  • Providing our own warehousing logistics from picking to worldwide shipment
  • Operating our own training center
  • Providing support from our own sales representatives and service hot line

Since STEINEL was founded in 1959, the company name is synonymous worldwide for quality, craftmanship and innovation.  STEINEL offers a wide range of lighting controls that are designed for years of reliable performance.  We are careful to design a product with features that make it easy to commission and operate, thus providing optimal energy savings. The company's vertically integrated manufacturing and high quality control processes are behind every product and what we mean by German Quality.