Clever lighting in the courtyards

Dalberg Höfe, Fulda, Germany

Built in 2012, Dalberg Höfe is a building complex in Fulda, Germany, that accommodates retail floor space, offices and apartments. The various buildings are interlinked by so-called "Höfe", German for courtyards. Several stairwells and corridors provide easy access to the various areas. Lighting throughout the access and outdoor areas was to be controlled on demand. Apart from energy efficiency, convenience, safety and security were to come first.

Products used


SensorLights from STEINEL provide automatic, energy-efficient lighting in the access zones and outdoor areas at the Dalberg Höfe development in Fulda.  Sensor-switched outdoor light L 360 plan from STEINEL is used everywhere outside at Dalberg Höfe. It aims to provide light as and when it is required. In the stairwells and corridors, the building owners opted for the RS PRO 2000, a versatile SensorLight from STEINEL tried and proven RS PRO system.