The PROLog planning tool answers your question: how much energy can intelligent sensor technology save in our particular project?

Easy to use, PROLog tells you precisely the amount of energy you can save in a building. For you this means: spot on rather than a rough estimate. Overwhelming example calculations and generalisations are often far off the mark, leaving you to think you can save far more than is actually possible. PROLog from STEINEL puts an end to guesswork and calculates exactly how much energy intelligent sensor technology can save for a particular building.

PROLog records user behaviour as well as the level of light in a room and takes this as the basis for calculating the energy- and lighting that is being wasted. This way, user behaviour determines the potential saving. Our PROLog and PROLog software gives you a comprehensive instrument to plan your lighting needs: it measures the exact amount of energy being wasted and calculates actual savings for a specific situation.

And the result? An objective basis that perfectly controls the lighting a building actually needs. Simply intelligent.