Cordless hot air tool mobile heat MH5

Mobile. Fast. Powerful. Innovative heating technology meets maximum battery power.


Cordless hot air tool mobile heat MH3

Cordless flexibility with the innovative rechargeable battery hot air tool.


Cordless hot air tool mobile heat MH5

Always in reach and immediately ready for use with temperature boost.


Heiner Westphal, owner of Elektro Westphal

"The mobile heat is the first choice in all aspects!"

Cordless hot air tool - mobile heat

Ready to use in under 5 seconds and delivering hot air at 300°C

The cordless mobile heat range now gives the trades maximum flexibility and quickly gets repair work done even in hard-to-reach places. Full flexibility and absolute compatibility with the 18 V rechargeable batteries from all CAS Alliance brands.

More than just hot air


High-performance CAS rechargeable battery

Cordless Alliance System (CAS) - the world's most efficient and best-performing system known to the industry. With the 18 V class, we cover the key fields of application for professional users. Used by over 17 market leaders with over 200 tools. Either 8.0 Ah or 5.5 Ah.


Perfect temperature

Get to work at 300°C in just 5 seconds. The mobile heat tool keeps temperature and airflow rate under control at all times. Temperatures up to 500°C and airflows as high as 300 l/min produce perfect results whatever the material the tool is used on.


Grip on safety

Safety switch and non-slip handle prevent the tool from switching on accidentally, enhancing work safety. Integrated LED light perfectly illuminates the work zone at all times.

Tool models in comparison


Full power from the 18 V CAS rechargeable battery

mobile heat MH3

• Ready to use in under 5 sec. with Temperature Boost
• 2 temperature settings (300°C/500°C)
• 200 l/min airflow rate for direct full power at the point of use

• 18 V 8.0 Ah or 5.5 Ah CAS battery from the cross-brand CAS alliance
• Security lock button for working safety
• Integrated LED light for optimum illumination in the work zone


Maximum flexibility for any repair work

mobile heat MH5

• Ready to use in unbeatable time: under 4 seconds from 0°C to 300°C
• Temperature adjusts to any level up to 500°C
• 6 settings for adjusting airflow rate up to 300 l/min
• LCD display showing all information

• 18 V 8.0 Ah or 5.5 Ah CAS rechargeable battery from the cross-brand CAS alliance
• Work safety with the security lock button
• Integrated LED light for optimum illumination in the work zone
• Perfect for repair jobs in hard-to-reach places


STEINEL accessories are always the perfect choice.

The right accessories for every tool and application.

Our professional accessories for perfect work results in every application. Our broad range of accessories comes with a whole host of options to upgrade your hot air tool. Welding, heat-shrinking, insulating, removing, shaping, de-soldering and much more - discover STEINEL's vast range of professional tools and accessories right now.

A powerful partnership

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Cordless Alliance System (CAS)

Full compatibility for 200 machines

One rechargeable battery for everything: you can now combine different makes of machines, battery packs and chargers with effortless ease. CAS is a cross-brand rechargeable battery system from leading power tool manufacturers, focusing on 18 V, the key professional application segment. Rechargeable batteries are being used in so many different applications. A future-proof rechargeable battery system set to give you a clear cost edge and investment security.