We have complemented our range.

Now new. 100 additional professional motion detectors.

Because demand for our sensors is growing and growing, we have aligned our motion detectors with the needs of our customers and complemented our range. There are now surface-mounted and concealed versions of all sensors and, wherever it makes sense, round instead of square casings. The true innovation, however, is greater compatibility with the main interfaces. And we are particularly proud of this: in connection with our Smart Remote remote control, configuration and control can now be performed simply and conveniently via tablet or smartphone.


Corridor / passageway


  • Infrared wall presence switch for modernisation and refurbishment
  • Patented 2-wire technology
  • Perfect for LED lamps
  • 180° angle of coverage
  • 10 m reach in each direction, electronically adjustable
  • SuperCap energy storage system for 0 W power consumption in standby mode
  • Integrated button for manual override
  • Available in white or silver


WC / washroom

HF 180

  • 3-wire high-frequency presence switch for wall installation
  • 180° angle of coverage
  • Reach Ø 8 m
  • Integrated switch for manual override
  • In COM1, COM2, DALI and KNX versions
  • Available in black or white
  • KNX version measures temperature and humidity


Multi-storey car park

IS 3360

  • 360° infrared motion detector
  • Watches over up to 1000 m²
  • Max. reach 20 m
  • For mounting heights of up to 4 m
  • As surface-mounted and concealed version in round or square design
  • In COM1, PF, DALI and KNX versions


Corridor / passageway

IS 345

  • Infrared corridor sensor
  • Lens specially adapted for corridors
  • Max. detection zone 23 x 6 m
  • For mounting heights of up to 5 m
  • As surface-mounted and concealed version in round or square design
  • In COM1, PF, DALI and KNX versions



HF 3360

  • 360° high-frequency motion detector
  • Max. reach of 8 m in diameter
  • Ideal for entrances
  • For mounting heights of up to 4 m
  • As surface-mounted and concealed version in round or square design
  • In COM1, PF, DALI and KNX versions


Conference room

Light Sensor Dual

  • Light sensor with two light measurement systems
  • Diffuse light measurement for monitoring room brightness
  • Directed light measurement for monitoring areas below the sensor
  • For mounting heights of up to 4 m
  • As surface-mounted and concealed version in round or square design
  • In KNX and LiveLink versions


High-bay warehouse

IS 3360 MX Highbay

  • 360° infrared ceiling sensor
  • For large buildings and entrances
  • Max. reach 18 mm
  • For mounting heights of up to 14 m
  • As surface-mounted and concealed version in round or square design
  • In COM1, PF, DALI and KNX and LiveLink versions



IS 345 MX Highbay

Infrared aisle sensor

For high-bay warehouses and aisles up to 14 m in height
Max. detection zone 30 x 4 m
As surface-mounted and concealed version in round or square design
In COM1, PF, DALI, KNX and LiveLink versions



IS 3180

180° infrared motion detector
Watches over up to 500 m²
Max. reach 20 m
Wall or corner mounting possible
As surface-mounted version in square design
In COM1, PF, DALI and KNX versions


Show window

NM 5000-3

  • Photo-cell controller
  • With integrated night economy mode
  • Diffuse light measurement for monitoring ambient brightness
  • As surface-mounted version in square design
  • In COM1 and DALI versions
  • Available in black or white


One-person office

IR Quattro SLIM XS

  • Super-slim 360° infrared presence detector
  • Installed height only 6 mm, ceiling mounting
  • Fits in any concealed box
  • Square presence detection zone up to 16 m²
  • Only retina lens of its type in the world
  • In COM1, KNX and LiveLink versions

Wir bedienen jede Schnittstelle, die Sie brauchen.


Great interface standard. Now even better.

The tried and proven COM1 technology standard reliably provides light as soon as there are people in the room. The new generation of STEINEL COM1 motion detectors now goes a step further: using intelligent presence detector logic, the sensors constantly include ambient brightness and always switch off the artificial light source if there is sufficient natural light – even if movement in the room is continuous. With infrared and high frequency, STEINEL has the right detection technology for any application and room situation. And with interconnectability being so easy, larger rooms are also ideally covered. Zero-crossing or relay with pre-make contact guarantees a long service life.

Benefits from STEINEL 
  • Interconnection for various room types
  • Customised room

Technical advice
Intelligent interconnection makes it easy to provide reliable detection even in complex room situations.


Let there be light. And pleasant warmth.

COM2 and COM1 technology is identical – with one major difference: COM2 is fitted with a second floating relay for additionally controlling heating, ventilation or air-conditioning systems and permits connection to a BMS (Building Management System). Depending on the level of brightness, the second relay responds with a stay-ON time when people are present in the room. A switch-ON delay prevents unnecessary light usage times. For example, if someone enters a room and quickly leaves it again.

Benefits from STEINEL

  • Lighting and other systems on demand
  • Customised room solutions
  • Interconnection for various room types
Technical advice
Intelligent interconnection makes it easy to provide reliable detection even in complex room situations.


The interface for intelligent lighting.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) provides almost boundless potential. Lighting control, sensors, electronic control gear and lights work exceptionally well with the professional interface standard. They communicate with each other and respond to each other without any obstacle whatsoever. In conjunction with constant and basic lighting control via 2 light channels, STEINEL DALI presence and motion detectors provide optimum control for strip lighting in relation to incident daylight.

Benefits from STEINEL
  • Broadcast function for easily installation thanks to plug-and-play.

Technical advice
In classrooms or offices, large windows produce different light levels in the room. The sensor automatically dims lighting as the daylight component increases.


The world's largest KNX range.

Home and building automation ""speaks"" KNX. There are millions of successful KNX installations across Europe and worldwide. With the largest sensor programme worldwide, STEINEL provides the ""sensory organs"" for KNX. The sensor technologies we offer - passive-infrared, high-frequency and ultrasonic sensor technology - are available in many highly practical sensor versions. This means STEINEL can provide you with the right sensor for any application. We are not just a partner for KNX, but also for planners, architects and electrical fitters. We seek dialogue with them for ideas and suggestions from practical experience.

STEINEL benefits

  • Seamless integration into existing installations
  • Tailored room solutions using various sensor technologies: passive infrared, ultrasonic and high frequency.

Technical advice
Application descriptions and software at


Light management, revolutionarily simple.

LiveLink is the new DALI-based light management system developed by STEINEL in cooperation with the lighting specialist TRILUX. What used to be very complex and time-consuming can now be configured with LiveLink in just a few minutes without any specialist knowledge or programming experience. Operation is simple and intuitive via tablet or smartphone. The LiveLink app assists you step by step through the installation process. Common application scenarios, such as in an office or classroom, are stored as so-called Use Cases and make planning particularly simple. Special, highly sensitive LiveLink sensors from STEINEL permit precision lighting control in line with room use and the prevailing level of daylight. This means it provides electrical fitters and users with professional and yet simple and secure access to the possibilities of lighting control. Almost every segment and application can benefit from LiveLink because it caters to any scenario and standard.

Benefits from STEINEL

  • LiveLink sensors with infrared, high-frequency and ultrasonic technology
  • Easy, fast start-up via app
  • An integrated, autonomously encrypted Wi-Fi network provides the perfect link and optimum protection

Technical advice
Control Box Connect can also be used for interconnecting several control boxes on a master-slave basis.


Greater switching flexibility.

Apart from a normal 230 V voltage supply, PF interfaces also make it possible to switch low voltages or integrate them into a BMS (Building Management System).

STEINEL benefits
  • Customised room solutions using various sensor technologies, such as passive infrared, ultrasonic and high frequency

Technical advice
Integration into building automation or low voltage systems. 

Unsere Bauformen im Überblick

Round, square, surface-mounted or concealed


Smart Remote

Simply the smart answer.

STEINEL  sensors and sensor-switched lights are very easy to control via Smart Remote and the associated app for iOS or Android. For this, a smartphone or tablet is placed on the Smart Remote and connected via Bluetooth. An infrared interface permits communication with the sensors and lights. It doesn't get any smarter than that!


Sensor guide now online!

The right solution for any application.

Whether long corridors, irregularly shaped stairwells, one-person or open-plan offices, WCs, washrooms or warehouses: commercial properties come with many different spatial situations and challenges. STEINEL has been developing optimum lighting control for each and every one of them for over 25 years. Our new sensor guide interactively takes you to the right motion detector, presence detector or sensor-switched light. And does so in just a few easy steps. Try it out for yourself!