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Radisson Park Hotel Wismar. In the hotel industry, the future has begun.

The Idea behind
Meeting the travel boom with more service for the guest and more energy efficiency for the environment.

Digitalization and growing customer demands are presenting hoteliers and hotel operators with new challenges. Digital information about whether a guest is staying in his room or not plays a central role.

The True Presence® from STEINEL provides this data. Analysed accordingly, recurring processes in the daily routine of the Radisson Park Inn Hotel can be simplified. As a result, service personnel can be deployed more efficiently and in a more targeted manner, and operating processes can be optimised. At the same time, the unquestionable presence or absence of guests in their room offers the opportunity to improve energy efficiency and enhance guest comfort.

The project

  • Customer: Radisson Germany, MV Werften
  • Location: Wismar, Germany
  • Construction status: Completed 2019
  • 98 hotel rooms of cruise ship design
  • 98 True Presence® presence detectors
  • Software, hardware and services



The 98 rooms of the Park Inn by Radisson in Wismar are designed in exactly the same way as cabins on the world's largest cruise ship.


Using its new detection technology, the True Presence® presence detector with an award-winning design provides digital data that can also be used for controlling processes involved in the running the hotel.


Innovative technology in modern cruise ships. In future, True Presence® will also be ensuring energy efficiency in the ship's cabins.

Development partnerships. The new way of thinking and working.

What began with an international call for bids has since evolved into an intensive partnership on an equal footing, almost between friends. In cooperation with STEINEL, MV Werften GmbH will be providing several cruise ships with intelligent sensor technology over the next few years. This is where the focus is on maximising efficiency in terms of using the very scarce energy resources on board. The hotel Park Inn by Radisson, which belongs to MV Werften GmbH, was a first step in this respect.


True Presence® from STEINEL lets us optimise the way in which we control the air conditioning, saving energy and money - while also making our guests feel more comfortable.

Rato Juko, Project Manager IT and Electronics, MV Werften Wismar GmbH

Wall Sensor - IR 180 UP

It's good when things simply work as they should without any major input. Like the IR 180 UP easy does, which can be used to automate light in corridors, stairwells or WCs in hardly any time at all.


True Presence®

Based on a person's breathing movements, the presence detector identifies whether a guest is in a room or not.

IR Quattro MICRO.png

IR Quattro MICRO

Hardly visible and particularly shallow, the IR Quattro MICRO IR presence detector with all-round vision also reliably detects movements in areas exposed to moisture and humidity.


Potential to save energy while boosting comfort

The hotel's energy management system uses the information from the True Presence® presence detector that a guest has left the room. Unnoticed by the hotel guest, the temperature in the empty room is lowered by 2°C. This can make an energy saving of 12%.


The True Presence registers when no person is left in the room.


After about 20 minutes, the room temperature is lowered by 2°C.


This can cut energy consumption by as much as 12%.


Housekeeping - controlled via app

The information that is provided on whether a hotel guest is in or out is also to be used in future for optimising the processes involved in running the hotel Park Inn by Radisson Wismar. Using the Building Intelligence solution from STEINEL, room service will in future be able to focus on cleaning rooms while guests are out so as to avoid disturbing them. At the same time, reception gets feedback on which rooms are already cleaned and can be assigned to new guests. This enhances the way in which service personnel are planned and deployed, and improves the hotel's occupancy rate.

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