Heat at Work.

Just hotter. Simply more effective.

Modern, ergonomic and with superior technology - this is the new
Generation of hot-air guns from STEINEL.

Hot air tools - As pioneers of hot air technology, we have been working for decades on intelligent tool solutions that are being used in their millions by satisfied customers. With the new generation of our hot air tools we have not only improved their technology and design, the specific requirements of our customers have played an active part in influencing development as well.


One tool. Many possibilities.


STEINEL Hot Air Barrel-Type Tools

Welding, heat-shrinking, shaping, removing – hot air makes all sorts of jobs incredibly easy. Jobs that demand precision, high performance and reliability. That's why professionals prefer barrel-type hot air tools from STEINEL.


Absolutely free from vertigo, absolutely better, absolutely for you.

For hot air tools, producing high temperatures is a must; always being in control of them is the icing on the cake. To score top marks on both counts, STEINEL only uses top-quality, long-lasting components developed by its team of experts, and puts them together with meticulous care.


Proven team member with the best car wrappers

Anyone who films cars or larger advertising displays needs two things first and foremost: a lot of space and absolute temperature safety.


One tool. All possibilities.

Discover even more possibilities for use in private households and learn helpful tips and tricks for professionals and DIY enthusiasts in our tutorials.


Ideal for craft and industry.

Our flagship

For all those who are only satisfied with the maximum in terms of performance and precision.

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