STEINEL gun-type hot-air tools

The preferred choice for car wrappers, car mechanics and electricians.

Welding, heat-shrinking, shaping, removing – hot air makes all sorts of jobs incredibly easy. Jobs that demand precision, high performance and reliability. That is why discerning professionals prefer gun-type hot air tools from STEINEL.

Possible applications at a glance.


Professional car wrappers swear by them

Corners, edges, curves and swage lines are the dominant issues in professional car wrapping. Being able to hand over a perfectly wrapped vehicle to your customers not only demands your extensive material expertise and skilled craftsmanship but above all the tools that reliably help you get the job done. For this purpose, the STEINEL HG 2120 E and HG 2320 E models can be upgraded with the HL Scan attachment. Practical 1-hand operation ensures that you always know the application temperature and also gives you an acoustic- and visual warning as soon as you leave the predefined range. This produces optimum results on temperature-sensitive workpieces and materials. Practical for everyday use: our special car wrapper set comprising the HG 2120 E with 7.5 m connection lead as well as the HL Scan. This gives you maximum freedom of movement even when working on large vehicles.


Always the right temperature in the most confined of surroundings

Shrink-fitting materials is among the most common applications for our hot air tools. No matter whether you are applying heat-shrinkable tubing to wiring harnesses or shrinking protective films and plastic packagings. This is where the great performance you get from STEINEL hot air tools does the job quickly and shortens production times. Benefiting from a top-quality finish and the use of only the best materials, our hot air tools reduce servicing work and provide a long life expectancy even if used for prolonged periods. If you do ever encounter problems or need replacement parts, we have a 48-hour repair service and give an availability guarantee on all genuine parts. Needless to say, in STEINEL quality.


Controlled heat for best results

Exact temperature settings are essential when working on very sensitive materials. For us, electronic temperature settings are just the first step. The HG Scan PRO temperature scanner turns your STEINEL hot air tool into a fully automatic tool. Once attached to the casing, you are always informed of the current temperature and distance from the workpiece. Interactive data communication between the devices provides you with visual and acoustic signals that let you keep temperatures and distances within the optimum range. 


Perfect repair with the best of materials

Welding plastics places exacting demands on the materials used when it comes to achieving maximum strength once the repair has been made. STEINEL welding rods for ABS, PP, HDPE and rigid PVC meet all of the criteria for making professional repairs. Attachable welding nozzles in various sizes and with different air slots complement the range and are the perfect addition to our hot air tools.


Controlled heat for optimum results

Hot air tools specifically designed for workshops and construction sites permit long periods of ergonomic, fatigue-free work. Practical one-hand operation lets you use STEINEL hot air tools in conjunction with stripping knives, heat-shrinkable tubing and other accessories. To make getting started easier for you, we have put together sets for specific applications. The high-quality case not only comes complete with hot air tool but with nozzles and material for the most common applications. And the best part: once the job has been done, everything can be quickly and neatly put away again, ready for the next time you need to use it. 


Professional work from the word go

Even the most difficult of applications are a breeze with the professional hot air tools from STEINEL. Evenly applying sun protection films places exacting demands on material, workmanship and tools. The infinitely variable control of our hot air tools enables you to always achieve the correct temperatures for the material you are using. The air flow can also be adjusted via 2 or 3-stage switches to suit any particular requirement. The interplay of all components produces the perfect tool for the task at hand.


Satisfying the most exacting demands

We have designed our products to cope with the hardest of challenges. There is no way around using our hot air tools for undoing metal screws that won't come loose. Screws that are stuck in place can be undone when they are heated and cooled down again. This works very easily because when exposed to heat, rust expands in a different way to metal. The pinpoint application of heat through the use of reduction nozzles ensures that only the targeted spots are heated, leaving the surrounding areas unscathed. With STEINEL hot air tools being so powerful, far less force is required to loosen even the most stubborn of screws.

Applications from the world of practice

Crimping cable connections with HG 2320 E

Accessories for gun-type hot air tools

Working with hot air can only be successful with the right accessories.


Precision is hugely important for a good job. Too much heat or an untidy joint can spoil the whole workpiece. This is why we supply the right accessories for virtually any situation. From a range of window, soldering, welding or reduction nozzles and various welding rods to tubes, scrapers, rollers and the innovative temperature scanner for working safely with materials that are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. This makes every one of our hot air tools truly multi-talented. This is our way of guaranteeing even more working pleasure.