The new XLED PRO.

Good square or rectangular illumination.

The new professional sensor-switched XLED PRO Wide and XLED PRO Square floodlights feature STEINEL's new and revolutionary lens matrix, quite literally putting conventional rigidly aimed floodlights in the shade. The innovative lens matrix makes it possible to illuminate square or rectangular areas on facilities, company buildings, entrances or pathways with unprecedented even precision. What's more: these floodlights turn through 360° so they can be aimed exactly as needed to suit any particular situation.

One more invention from STEINEL that's making our world a brighter place.


  • LED panel swivels through 360°
  • High-quality aluminium heat sink
  • New LED lens matrix for perfect illumination
  • Linear basic light level
  • Optimised sensor for mounting heights of up to 6 m


Square-shaped light. Extremely bright.


The XLED PRO Square is the ideal solution for evenly illuminating large areas. Also available in the larger XLED PRO Square XL version. Giving you exactly what it takes for any lighting application.

Full light power. Extra wide.


The XLED PRO Wide is suitable for illuminating rectangular areas of up to 16 x 6 m along a building. The XLED PRO Wide is also available in the larger XLED PRO Wide XL version.