RS PRO Connect R series

Sensor-Switched Light 4.0

The most intelligent sensor light system of our time combines optimum lighting with extremely easy installation and wireless connectivity. Functions, such as basic light level, backlight, main light level as well as optional emergency light and 2 shapes in 3 sizes designed for many applications bring a smile to electricians and planners alike.


The eNet system

Easy to install. Easy to use.

The new STEINEL sensor switches. Whether with 2-wire or 3-wire cabling, for existing buildings or new build. eNet gives you smart, versatile, fast, upgradeable, energy-efficient and future-proof convenience. Buildings can now be retrofitted and equipped with intelligent SmartHome technology effortlessly and provided with added new functions. In connection with the eNet components and the products of other top-calibre brands, the course for the future has been set. 


Switch over to better!

The new STEINEL sensor switches. Whether with 2-wire or 3-wire cabling, for existing buildings or new build.


True Presence®

The first true presence detector.

Welcome to the new era in building sensor technology! Revolutionary True Presence® technology is based on ultra-sensitive high-frequency measurement and delivers absolutely reliable information on human presence or absence. The True Presence® sensor range impresses with understated design as well as high-quality detection performance.


Hot-melt gluing for professionals. Fast and precise.

STEINEL Professional GluePRO 400 LCD and GluePRO 300: Can be used in all trades, for countless applications. 


STEINEL has taught the sensor how to count people.

The HPD2 delivers the figures for countless applications. 

hochfrequenz-bewegungsmelder-ihf3d-erfassungsbereich_1.jpg hochfrequenz-bewegungsmelder-ihf3d-gewitter_1.jpg hochfrequenz-bewegungsmelder-ihf3d-katze_1.jpg

The iHF 3D from STEINEL with high-frequency sensor technology

Forget everything you already know about outdoors sensors.

The iHF 3D, the first high-frequency motion detector for outdoors, is a technological quantum leap. The use of intelligent high-frequency technology puts an end to inadvertent triggering once and for all. You can find out more about the iHF 3D on our dedicated page. 


Hot air tool HG 2620 E

Hot air tool HG 2620 E. Simply heading for heights. Simply better. Simply for you.

The new reference-class barrel-type hot air tool. Made with roofers. Made for roofers. You will be stunned. See for yourself and take part in our big test campaign. Get all the details on the campaign page.

strahler-xledpro-anwendung.jpg strahler-xledpro-Ingenieur.jpg strahler-xledpro-detail-linsen.jpg

Good square or rectangular illumination.

We have reinvented the outdoor floodlight because the world is more than being just round.

The all-new concept behind XLED PRO Wide und Square makes it possible for the first time to provide precision illumination for square or rectangular areas. Because: different areas need different floodlights.



Bring existing buildings up to date in no time at all!

No flickering, no compromising: Our new infrared sensor switch IR 180 UNIVERSAL in 2-wire design is a real world novelty and presents itself as a reliable, future-proof and universal switch solution for all types of lights. The innovative infrared sensor switch in an attractive design is simply installed with classic 2-wire cables. This allows existing buildings to be quickly and easily upgraded to the latest state of the art. The integrated SuperCap with 0 Watt standby power guarantees perfect functionality at all times. The IR 180 UNIVERSAL infrared sensor switch from STEINEL - one idea ahead.


Homogeneous illumination in an extremely slim design.

The RS PRO LED Q1 is the next highlight in the range of sensor-switched LED indoor lights. Even early on in the development process it became apparent that our engineers would be setting new standards in technology and aesthetics. The Smart Remote easily and conveniently enables you to make all settings from the floor. Group parameterisation (Remote Group Setting) makes easy work of relaying these settings to all other lights within the same wireless group. This minimises the effort involved in putting lights into operation. Apart from all the technical finesse, we are particularly proud of the fact that the RS PRO LED Q1 has also won the Red Dot Design Award. With this, we have created perfect lighting in cutting-edge design.


Intelligent lighting control with swarm intelligence.

STEINEL presents the advanced LED diffuser luminaire RS PRO 5800 LED. Developed on a DALI bus, the swarm technology provides dynamic lighting that 'moves' with you. The days of slowly responding systems are now finally over. You can integrate the 5800 LED range into LiveLink, the most advance light management system there is. All functions and settings are easy to select via the app. Intelligent lighting, for example, can be provided in underground and multi-storey car parks because the luminaire is not even affected by moisture. Impact resistance to IK07 means you can use the range in the toughest of ambient conditions.


The art of understanding heat.

Welding, heat-shrinking, shaping, removing – hot air makes all sorts of jobs incredibly easy. Jobs that demand precision, high performance and reliability. That is why professionals prefer barrel-type hot air tools from STEINEL.
We have developed the HG 2620 E hot air tool delivering 2300 W of power for anyone settling for nothing but the best when it comes to performance and precision. It is easily controlled via joystick in exact 10°C steps between 50 – 700°C and has 4 programme settings that can be configured to individual needs. The powerful brushless motor rewards our flagship tool a working life of over 10,000 hours at full air-pressure power of 4,000 Pa. The HG 2620 E is the safe and reliable companion on any construction site. In short: the best hot air tool we have ever developed.


Sensor guide now online!

The right solution for any application.

Whether long corridors, irregularly shaped stairwells, one-person or open-plan offices, WCs, washrooms or warehouses: commercial properties come with many different spatial situations and challenges. STEINEL has been developing optimum lighting control for each and every one of them for over 25 years. 
Our new sensor guide interactively takes you to the right motion detector, presence detector or sensor-switched light. And does so in just a few easy steps. Try it out for yourself!


We have complemented our range.

Now new. 100 additional professional motion detectors.

This is where you can find out more about our new motion detectors. 100 remotely controllable sensors in various designs and with various technologies. Whether for KNX, DALI, DIM, COM1 or COM2: this is where you will find the right sensor for any application.



Light management, revolutionarily simple.

Too complicated, too time-consuming, too risky, too expensive - many electricians are skeptical about commercially available light management systems and so they often prefer to steer clear of them altogether. At the same time, the subject of intelligent light is becoming more and more of a focus of general interest. The demand for intelligent and therefore energy-efficient lighting is growing and growing. Those who want to adapt and exploit the huge potential have to face the new customer needs and market demands.


The world speaks KNX

The right KNX sensor for any building.

Successful KNX installations are found in millions of buildings across the globe. With the largest range of sensors worldwide and four sensor technologies, STEINEL provides the "sensory organs" for this system.


Heat tools from STEINEL.

The art of understanding heat.

For hot air tools, producing high temperatures is a 'must'; always being in control of them is the icing on the cake. And to score top marks on both counts, STEINEL only uses top-quality, long-lasting components that come from its own development forge. And puts them together with meticulous care. This is where our customers benefit from over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hot air tools to give them a product that has been cleverly engineered in every last detail, only delivering heat where it is needed. Across the board.

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STEINEL products in use.

Steinel lights and sensors prove themselves every day in millions of applications. Planners, architects and electricians across the world appreciate the reliability and quality of our products.