Smart Home from a top brand

Smart Friends - for your smart home!

80 products - 4 brands - 1 system
Controls all parts of the home
Operation via app from home & away
Option of voice control via Alexa
Easy installation
Can be upgraded in any way with other Smart Friends products 


Smart Friends Box

One system and one app - this is how it works!

The Smart Friends Box is the central interface in the Smart Friends concept. This is integrated into the existing local network via network cable. The Box is accessed via an app for smartphones and tablets with an iOS or Android operating system. The Box itself then sends the signal to the connected products - also called actions - and triggers any chosen actions.


Smart Friends products from STEINEL

Motion detector and sensor-switched outdoor lighting

Sensor-controlled light is not only convenient, it saves energy too. Smart Friends also lets you use motion detectors for automatically switching ON decorative indoor lighting. The level of ambient light measured can also be used for other applications, such as for controlling roller shutters. Automatic, bright outdoor illumination provides convenience while also enhancing safety and security. With Smart Friends you can create interconnected groups of jointly activated sensor-switched lights, sensor-switched floodlights or motion detectors.

Smart Friends products from STEINEL

Indoor lighting

The clever orchestration of lighting creates just the right atmosphere while also providing a greater deterrent to intruders by simulating that someone is at home. Smart Friends lets you operate your lights by app and make your very own personal lighting ideas come true.


Controlling everything by voice?

Alexa and Smart Friends make it possible!


What you need: an Amazon Echo product and our Smart Friends system with activated RemoteHome functionality. The "Alexa-Skill Smart Friends" is simply added to the Amazon Echo voice command system by app to give you the convenience of controlling devices and lighting scenarios by voice command. Needless to say, the automated processes in the smart home continue to work in the normal way.

Four strong partners!

Smart Friends connects.

smart-home-smart friends-logo ready for.png

A compatibility promise that's instantly recognisable. The "Ready for Smart Friends" label indicates products from the four brand names that can be interconnected using Smart Friends.