Innovative home living

TEMA Park, Istanbul

Completed in 2016, the TEMA Park is synonymous with a new feel of home living and lifestyle with a modern infrastructure, easy access and high standard of security. Embedded in extensive green spaces and surrounded by leisure and sports facilities, TEMA Park residents live on an area of 380,000 sq.m. in 4,000 modern apartments spread over several buildings. Used only sporadically, the corridors leading to the apartments were to be provided with automatic lighting control so as to avoid wasting energy by being lit all the time.


Over 2,600 dedicated IS 345 infrared corridor sensors from STEINEL were installed for this purpose in the various residential buildings of TEMA Park. They provide energy-efficient light as well as added convenience and security. The IS 345 has a particularly long reach for the targeted detection of movements in long corridors. Light is only ever switched ON when it is needed by anyone using a corridor. And automatically OFF again when it is no longer required. That saves energy and hard cash.

Products used


The IS 345 infrared motion detector for indoors and outdoors is ideal for passageways, corridors and commonly used spaces, with a detection zone of 12 x 4 m (radial) and 20 x 4 m (tangential) and a large terminal compartment for easy installation. The IS 345 also comes with a powerful relay for high switching capacities.