The school of the future

Lycée Sud Clisson school building, France

The ultra-modern Energy-Plus building of the new grammar school with affiliated boarding school in Clisson/France was completed in October 2013 for 600 school students. The building's specific structural design allows it to produce more energy than it needs. Heat recovery and the use of solar and wind power generate the energy that is required. Intelligent light management from STEINEL ensures efficient lighting.


As innovation and technology leader in intelligent lighting control, STEINEL offers the right sensor for any application. Careful planning in conjunction with the project department at STEINEL France produced a perfect result that everyone agreed on. Presence detectors were chosen for detecting even the smallest of movements in the classrooms, large hall facilities, conference rooms and WCs. Smaller rooms, in contrast, were equipped with motion detectors.

Products used


The IR Quattro DIM presence detector was chosen for the classrooms. In the larger halls and conference rooms, the planners chose the high-resolution IR Quattro HD DIM presence detector that is capable of identifying human presence over an area of 64  sq.m. per sensor. The IS D 360 motion detector has been used in the smaller rooms, with the IS 2180-5 motion detector being fitted in the stairwell. Given the particular advantages of high-frequency technology, the HF 360 motion detector was selected for automatically controlling light in the WC facilities.