We are producing success. At our European production sites, we turn your vision into reality.

The real one-stop-shop – You can rely on STEINEL OEM-Solutions not only for the manufacture of high-quality electronic modules. We impress you with pioneering plastics technology, efficient assembly and a wide range of special processes. This is how we manage to achieve outstanding results from a single source for your success.

Core Processes

The following manufacturing competencies and processes are among the cornerstones of our service provision. These are the elements with which we are always in fierce competition with our competitors all over the world. What makes us excellent in this respect are the world-famous STEINEL products on the one hand and our customer references and reputation in the market on the other.

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    Electronic Manufacturing
  • oem-solutions-spritzguss1-960x540.jpg
    Plastics Production
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  • oem-solutions-geraetemontage-960x540.jpg
    Box Build
  • oem-solutions-aftersales-960x540.jpg
    After Sales
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Special Processes

There are many electronic and / or plastic parts manufacturers who are also product manufacturers. But how do we differ from the competition? What our expertise is in development is our special processes in production, which we all master and use daily. 

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    Wet coating
  • oem-solutions-ultraschallschweissen-960x540.jpg
    Ultrasonic Welding
  • oem-solutions-kleberoboter2-960x540.jpg
    Gluing and Potting
  • oem-solutions-kabelkonfektion-960x540.jpg
    Cable Assembly
  • oem-solutions-tampondruck2-960x540.jpg
    Pad printing
  • oem-solutions-laserbeschriftung-960x540.jpg
    Laser marking
  • oem-solutions-rapidprototyping-960x540.jpg
    Rapid Prototyping
  • oem-solutions-werkzeugbau2-960x540.jpg
  • oem-solutions-klimatest-960x540.jpg
    IP Protection & Climate Tests
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Support Processes

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    Quality- & Leanmanagement
    Our Group-wide quality management meets the highest standards and we are regularly audited by regulatory authorities and customers. From the initial idea through FMEA to the delivery of your product, we accompany processes with quality assurance measures. For years all locations and process owners have been working on and with 5s, 6sigma, KVP, SMED methods to achieve sustainability and progress.
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    Procurement Processes
    We evaluate and select carefully so that we can offer the optimal procurement solution for your product. You can expect the highest flexibility and quality.
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    Industry 4.0
    In addition to a highly integrated enterprise resource planning system (SAP) that is uniform across all locations and EDI and VMI connections, this includes in particular the MDE system for production facilities such as SMD production or the BDE systems, which record and visualize all business-relevant data via dashboards. In addition, we can also be proud of our production system, which is completely based on Pull/Kanban with direct warehouse connection.

We are aware that in addition to quality, high speed and short time to market are of great importance to you – and we are good at that!

Would you like to know more about production in Einsiedeln?

Erwin Kälin
Head of Production
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