STEINEL planning tools

Exactly, instead of approximately.

There is a suitable solution for every requirement. This is particularly true of STEINEL's lighting and sensor solutions. Here we show you how easy it is to achieve perfect results with our well thought-out products. And how perfectly our solutions match your everyday tasks. Let us inspire you. And perhaps even inspire you.



Download planning documents

Do you need lighting planning and visualisation data for STEINEL products? Our online and offline plug-in for DIALux, the free, professional software that provides you with everything for planning lighting, helps you with all the latest lighting data. From technical data and light distribution curves to 3D volume data.



Calculate energy saving

Easy to use, PROLog tells you precisely the amount of energy you can save in a building. For you this means: spot on rather than a rough estimate. Overwhelming example calculations and generalisations are often far off the mark, leaving you to think you can save far more than is actually possible.


Interactive Sensor Guide

The right solution for any application

commercial properties come with many different spatial situations and challenges. STEINEL has been developing optimum lighting control for each and every one of them for over 25 years.


For each room type

Planning examples

You will find a selection of planning examples for everyday situations in the overview, for example for offices, corridors, aisles, high-bay warehouses, classrooms and conference rooms and many more.

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