Our competence and experience for your future. –  Our employees from all specialist disciplines regularly undergo further training. Exactly this know-how combined with decades of experience is at your disposal. It is the essence of developing innovative solutions from which your products are created. The diversity of our customers and their challenges allows our wealth of experience to grow daily.

Our references by industry

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  • Building Technology
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Household Technology
  • Sanitary Technology
  • Safety Engineering
  • Industrial Technology
  • Tools
  • oem-solutions-haengeleuchte-960x540.jpg
    Pendant Light made of Glass
  • oem-solutions-senses-960x540.jpg
    Design Luminaire with Sensor
  • oem-solutions-sensorapplikation-960x540.jpg
    Sensor Application for Office Luminaire
  • oem-solutions-feuchtraumleuchte-960x540.jpg
    Moisture-proof Luminaire with Sensor Technology
  • oem-solutions-hochfrequenzsensor-960x540.jpg
    High-frequency Sensor Technology
  • oem-solutions-lichttechnik-960x540.jpg
    Solar Luminaire
  • oem-solutions-dualtech-960x540.jpg
    Dualtech Sensor
  • oem-solutions-warmluftdusche-960x540.jpg
    Hot Air Shower
  • oem-solutions-kaffeemuehle2-960x540.jpg
    Electronics for Coffee Grinder
  • solutions-kochsysteme-kochplatte.png
    Intelligent Hotplate
  • oem-solutions-bedieneinheit-960x540.jpg
    Control Unit
  • oem-solutions-kaffeemaschine-960x540.jpg
    Display Module
  • oem-solutions-leistungselektronik-960x540.jpg
    Power Electronics Unit
  • oem-solutions-leistungselektronikeinheit-960x540.jpg
    Power Electronic Unit
  • oem-solutions-kuechengeraete-960x540.jpg
    Electronics for professional Kitchen Appliances
  • oem-solutions-spiegelschrank.png
    Sensors in Mirror Cabinets
  • oem-solutions-taschenlampe2-960x540.jpg
  • oem-solutions-temperatursensor-960x540.jpg
    Complete Product Temperature Sensor
  • oem-solutions-temperaturfuehler-960x540.jpg
    Digital temperature sensor for cooking units
  • oem-solutions-waschtischarmatur-960x540.jpg
    Washbasin Fitting
  • oem-solutions-tece-960x540.jpg
    Actuating Plate with Sensor System
  • oem-solutions-urinal.png
    Sensor Technology for Urinal Sink Unit
  • oem-solutions-camlight-960x540.jpg
    Camera and Lighting Technology
  • oem-solutions-steuergeraet-960x540.jpg
    Control Unit
  • oem-solutions-drehwinkelgeber-960x540.jpg
    Rotary Encoders
  • oem-solutions-batterie-960x540.jpg
    Electronic Module for Battery Pack
  • oem-solutions-beleuchtungsmodul-960x540.jpg
    Lighting Module
  • oem-solutions-kompaktleuchte1-960x540.jpg
    Compact Lumiaire with Sensor
  • oem-solutions-mobileheat-960x540.jpg
    Mobile Heat
  • oem-solutions-glm-960x540.jpg
    Laser range finder
  • oem-solutions-heissklebepistole-960x540.jpg
    Hot Glue Gun
  • oem-solutions-checks-960x540.jpg
    Voltage Tester
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