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The iHF 3D from STEINEL with high-frequency sensor technology

At last no more inadvertent triggering.

The iHF 3D, the first high-frequency motion detector for outdoors, is a technological quantum leap. The use of intelligent high-frequency technology puts an end to inadvertent triggering once and for all. And the neighbour's cat or other stray animals leave the iHF 3D cold too. Because the high-frequency motion detector confidently distinguishes between people and animals. Added to this is precision, intuitive adjustability of the detection zone. In short: yet another veritable milestone. Yet again from STEINEL.

Does what it's supposed to where you want it to.

Precisely adjustable detection zone. Does not respond to passing cars or the neighbours but only when someone enters your own property. Innovative iHF 3D technology permits exact adjustment of the detection zone in all directions. Walking direction is immaterial: no matter whether the sensor is approached from the side or directly from the front – within the detection zone, the iHF 3D reliably detects any movement. 

Here are number of examples showing how the detection zone can be adjusted to suit individual needs:

Eyes open - the first outdoor sensor that can see with its ears.

The bat principle.

Although we still call the iHF 3D a motion detector – it actually has hardly anything in common with a conventional model. Because the use of cutting-edge high-frequency technology has fundamentally changed and improved the way it works. Its all-new high-tech sensor emits signal waves in a similar way to how a bat does. These echo off the surroundings and return to the iHF 3D. If a relevant movement is identified in the defined detection zone, it reliably switches the light ON.

Form follows function

Perfect settings. Directly on the enclosure.


  • Adjustment explained in the trim panel
  • Twilight setting
  • Reach adjustment in 3 directions
  • Setting the stay-ON time
  • iHF sensor protected in the enclosure


Smart Remote

The smart remote control for the iHF 3D

STEINEL  sensors and sensor-switched lights are very easy to control via remote control and the associated app. For this, a smartphone or tablet is placed on the Smart Remote and connected via Bluetooth. An infrared interface permits communication with the sensors and lights. It doesn't get any smarter than that!