eNet. Easy. Always. Reliable. Your key to the smart home


Buildings can now be retrofitted and equipped with intelligent SmartHome technology effortlessly and without dirt or complicated new installation work. The cooperation of leading manufacturers now provides the platform for professional automation in existing buildings. With eNet, existing electrical installations can now be upgraded conveniently with smart new functions. The devices can be remote-controlled either individually or in groups and from home or out and about. With the new bidirectional 868 MHz wireless system, installations - such as lighting and roller shutters - can be linked together intelligently. Energy sensors let you record how much energy you are using. eNet gives you smart, versatile, quickly installed, upgradeable, energy-efficient and future-proof convenience.


The eNet system

Easy to Install. Easy to use.

All actions and eNet-capable products are integrated into the system via the eNet wireless standard. The eNet server is the wireless module, control room and intelligent centre of the eNet system. Simple configuration via tablet or smartphone. eNet Mobile Gate also makes the system very easy to operate via app.

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The start of a big story.

Our eNet range starts with a top-calibre triumvirate. The new XLED PRO floodlights for illuminating large or extremely wide areas and the sensIQ, an infrared motion detector that sets standards in all disciplines, are forerunners of an upcoming comprehensive range of STEINEL products. In connection with the eNet components and the products of other top-calibre brands, the course for the future has been set.

The eNet alliance

We integrate great brands and interconnect their many different capabilities. Every component in our system reflects top brand quality. eNet SMART HOME is growing, constantly offering new products and functions. Needless to say, they are all fully compatible with each other. This makes the system absolutely future-proof.


Individualise and control in the "state-of-the-art mode

Whichever of our solutions to decide on, an eNet SMART HOME solution only becomes really smart with the eNet Server. This way, the combination of eNet Server, existing lights, blinds, roller shutters and awnings connected via the eNet SMART HOME system demonstrates its wide range of useful applications. This also makes it easy to provide automated functions, such as scenarios, if-then rules and timing.