Threat identified – threat averted. Protect yourself and your home with sensor-switched floodlights from STEINEL.

With the number of burglaries on the increase, people's need for security is growing. This is where STEINEL can help you make your home safer and more secure. The XLED home 2 sensor-switched floodlight provides you with an effective way of deterring uninvited night-time guests. STEINEL's time-tested infrared sensor technology provides reliable detection over every last inch of a property, avoiding gaps in security. Incidentally: the police explicitly recommend automatic lighting for deterring burglars.

  • High thermal conductivity (HCMC) cooling system
  • New design with opal cover for wide-area lighting
  • Also available as an XL version
  • Shaft mechanism for swivelling to any position
  • Swivelling precision IR sensor


The XLED home 2. Always ready

You know your home best. The XLED home 2 is the preferred choice wherever automatic lighting can provide better convenience and security. You decide whether a single floodlight is sufficient or whether a combination of several floodlight makes more sense.