STEINEL ultrasonic technology

In the USA, it is standard. Advanced by STEINEL for the whole world in premium quality.

We are a company that operates on the global stage. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do": this saying applies to us in a technological sense too. In the USA, for example, ultrasonic sensors define the standard. Needless to say, as innovation and technology leader, we manufacture high-end sensors on the basis of ultrasonic technology and also let all STEINEL customers benefit from the advantages this system has to offer.

This is how it works

Detection in every last corner.


The ultrasonic waves (40 kHz) are actively emitted from the sensor and spread throughout the space it covers. They permeate into every last corner, enveloping objects that are present in the room. The sensor identifies movement in the room even if there is no visual contact between sensor and person. The signal is evaluated on the basis of the Doppler principle. It is this that makes ultrasonic sensors ideal for open-plan offices and rooms with stud walls. Ultrasonic waves do not penetrate thin walls and are highly sensitive. And therefore particularly recommended for rooms in which sedentary activities are performed.

DualTech presence detector

The best of both worlds. Combined in one detector.


Offices, conference rooms and classrooms come with their own particular spatial situations that do not exactly make it easy to provide efficient lighting control. This is where our claim of having the perfect sensor for any room situation is put to the acid test. But with our experience and expertise in different sensor technologies, we have managed to master this challenge. For the first time, STEINEL's engineers have combined the benefits of ultrasonic sensors with tried and proven infrared technology in one presence detector. This way, the DualTech can also detect movements without any visual contact with the sensor. And does so with maximum reliability.



The US sensor actively emits ultrasonic waves and identifies movements in its detection zone using the Doppler principle. It reliably responds to the slightest movement.


Walking direction does not matter to the US sensor. Regardless of whether you approach the sensor from the front or the side – detection quality and reach are always of the same high quality.


The ultrasonic waves emitted by the US sensor can envelop objects completely. This makes it possible to cover the entire room – regardless of partition walls or other obstacles.


DualTech pools the benefits of two different sensor technologies in one product. The intelligent combination of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic sensors provides significantly more detection capabilities.


The US technology operates in a temperature range from - 30 °C to + 50 °C without impact on the function.