Smart Remote – One for all

The Smart Remote and an app puts you in control of everything.

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It's good that many STEINEL sensors and sensor-switched lights can be controlled via remote control so conveniently. Even better: one device now replaces all remote controls – the new Smart Remote. Simply download the appropriate app onto a smartphone or tablet, connect via Bluetooth and put an end to looking for the right remote control once and for all. That's pretty smart, right?


One for all!

STEINEL Smart Remote


You can use the Smart Remote to control the following products:
sensIQ, sensIQ S, iHF 3D, IR Quattro HD, IR Quattro, HF 360, Dual HF, IR Quattro SLIM, RS PRO LED Q1, Downlight RS PRO DL LED 15 / 22 W, US 360, Dual Tech, Single US, Dual US, RS PRO 5800, RS PRO 5850, RS PRO 5000, RS PRO 5002, RS PRO 5100, RS PRO 5200, RS PRO 5500

The Smart Remote replaces the following remote controls:
IR remote control RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7, RC8, RC9, RC10

You can download the app here.

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