The HF sensor-switched LED linear luminaires with swarm function.

Light wherever you go.


Presenting the RS PRO 5800 LED series, STEINEL provides state-of-the-art waterproof LED diffuser luminaires with swarm intelligence. Developed on the basis of a DALI bus, swarm technology lets light 'move along' with you. These luminaires couldn't be easier to install. You can make all settings via remote control for ultimate convenience. Via the Remote Group Setting function (group parameterisation) you can relay all settings to the other lights. Any basic light level can be selected and is automatically synchronised across the lighting group. Protected against strong jets of water and impact-resistant, they are ready for any lighting application.



Dynamic lighting intelligence.

RS PRO 5800 LED high-frequency SensorLight, ideal for corridors, thoroughfares and stairwells as well as WC facilities, washrooms and warehouses or multi-storey car parks and cold rooms. 33 W for 4065 lumens of light, optional 10?% – 50 % basic light level, integrated DALI interconnection capability, swarm function for dynamic light, RGS – Remote Group Setting function, lighting groups, including basic light level, can be synchronised, adjustment by optional RC 10 remote control.

Many industrial facilities, warehouses and multi-storey car parks are extremely damp. That's bad news for many lighting systems. The RS PRO 5800 is immune to moisture. This is why we have provided it with the most innovative of technology: from effortless installation and synchronisation of lighting groups by means of group parameterisation to the selection of any basic light level and its ability to switch OFF in relation to daylight. And as the icing on the cake, the intelligent swarm function always 'moves' the light with you to wherever you need it. You will be well and truly impressed.

Also available without sensor as a slave version.


Intelligent swarm function

Same perfection. Even more luminous power. Also in the powerful 52 W version, this linear luminaire from the RS PRO range offers advanced technologies and Germany's best development expertise by the metre.

Also available without sensor as a slave version.