IoT - Monitoring & Controlling

How does your product become an integral part of the IoT world?

Monitoring and controlling to increase efficiency, cost reduction and optimization - that is the essence of IoT systems. With our expertise in sensor technology and communication, we have the skills to make your product IoT-capable.

Where does our journey begin?

1. data collection | Do you already have a product? 

Your product contains measurement and sensor variables that collect data. Measuring and storing sensor information and transporting this information into the cloud is the basic requirement for data evaluation. 

2. data transport | Is your product capable of communication?

The technologies available for data transport of the collected information into the cloud include LoRaWAN, IP500, Bluetooth, WLAN.

3. your use case | What is the intention and goal?

Depending on your needs, the data is evaluated in monitoring and visualized on a BMS platform. "The areas of application are extremely diverse. I could immediately present each of my customers with an exciting use case of how they could benefit from an IoT project," says Andrea Lachner, Sales at STEINEL Solutions AG. 

We have set up a demo use case at our Einsiedeln site to demonstrate the possible interaction between products and systems. On request, we will be happy to give you access to the BMS platform and advise you in a joint workshop. 

Immerse yourself in our Demo Use Case.

For the demo use case at the Einsiedeln site, various IoT technologies are used to deliver data from different Steinel products to a database in the cloud. 

Used products: 


Used IoT communication technologies


Used sensor technologies


High Frequency







Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Systems of Products & Systems? We are happy to give you access to the BMS platform on request.

Stefan Walker
Head of OEM Engineering
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