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The Idea
More time for the human touch. Making work easier for in-patient nursing staff and providing targeted help for those in need of care.

Whereas life expectancy in our society is increasing, the birth rate has been declining for years. This means that in future there will be more and more elderly people and ever fewer younger ones to look after them. This demographic change will also have an impact on the care sector. There will be a need for far more nursing staff, both in the in-patient sector and in out-patient care. This may result in shortages and lacking quality in nursing care.

Whether at home or in care facilities – intelligent technical solutions assist nursing staff, helping to ease their workload in their everyday care routine.

  • Over the last 20 years, the number of in-patient care facilities has increased by just under 60% to 14,480.
  • The percentage of persons in need of care rises from about 11% in the 75-plus age group to around 71% among the those over 90.
  • According to a forecast by the German Federal Statistical Office, there will be about 4.53 million people in need of care in Germany in 2060.

Support for the care team. Digital assistance for in-patient carers.

In times of short staff and a lack of skilled workers, any help in the care sector is welcome. Because sometimes, just one care worker in nursing homes is responsible for as many as 60 persons in need of care during the night. How can all residents be looked after and cared for properly? Good to know where everything's okay. With an exact picture of the ward, staff can target help wherever it is needed.

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We help people to continue living in their own four walls and reduce the work of in-patient nursing staff.

Hendrik Beinke, Business Development Manager Health & Care

Care needs closeness. And fine sensor technology.


Sensor technology as a watchful eye

Intelligent technology can assist care staff on the ward in coping with their everyday nursing routine and giving patients the best possible attention. New measurement variables relevant to care are ascertained by a combination of advanced sensors. Sensors identify the presence and activity of a care recipient, sense their vitality, provide information on their state of hygiene, create comfortable surroundings and identify anomalies. This means nursing staff can respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

Care for a greater sense of well-being – digitally assisted


The ward in view via dashboard

A software solution brings together the sensor data gathered and displays it on a dashboard in clearly structured form. This gives the care staff on duty an overview of all rooms on the ward. At the same time, data can be displayed for each individual patient room. Nursing care staff are informed at all times of the condition of residents and can take targeted action whenever necessary.


On average, one care worker looks after as many as 60 persons in need of care during the night.


From 2009 - 2050, the number of people in need of care in Germany will almost double.


In Germany there are approx. 3.4 million people in need of care. Just under 25% receive full-time in-patient care.


Remaining independent and continuing to live at home

Intelligent technology enables elderly people to stay in their familiar surroundings for longer or helps nursing staff in their everyday care routine. This is where the combination of advanced sensors helps to ascertain new, relevant measurement variables.

Every facility is different. We are prepared for it.

Would you like to optimise your care facility?

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