STEINEL barrel-type hot air tools

Ideal for roofers and floorlayers

With hot air the work is easy to do. Precision, performance and reliability required. That's why demanding professionals rely on hot-air bar machines from STEINEL.


The art of understanding heat.

For hot air tools, producing high temperatures is a must; always being in control of them the icing on the cake. And to score top marks on both counts, STEINEL only uses top-quality, long-lasting components that come from its own development forge. And puts them together with meticulous care. This is where our customers benefit from over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing hot air tools to give them a product that has been cleverly engineered in every last detail, only delivering heat where it is needed. Across the board.

Possible applications at a glance.


For perfect results on any construction site

The barrel-type hot air tools from STEINEL are the ideal choice for overlap-welding tarpaulins and roofing membranes. Working on tarpaulins at a temperature of 400°C to 600°C and roofing membranes at 450°C to 550°C with the maximum air flow makes them elastic and permanently welds them together. Especially for damaged tarpaulins, this type of repair is a particular cost-effective solution. Because most tarpaulins are made of thermoplastic material, making them very good to repair with heat - the ideal application for hot air tools from STEINEL.

Our flagship and suitable for use on building sites, the HG 2620 E has a wide temperature scale ranging from 50°C to 700°C and can be set via joystick in 10-degree increments. In conjunction with an airflow rate of up to 500 l/min, it is the preferred choice for all applications on the roof. Our HG 2420 E also cuts a great figure on any building site with its robust and well-protected electronics.

Practical accessories are available for both hot air tools, such as the two most important flat angled nozzles in sizes of 40 x 2 mm and 20 x 2 mm as well as the pressure rollers in rubber and silicone. This makes easy work of even the hardest of jobs.


Thermally sealing linoleum floors

Linoleum floor coverings have seen a veritable renaissance over recent years. Whereas once, they were predominantly laid on floors that needed to be hard-wearing or used for special purposes (for example, hospitals, medical practices, industrial buildings), they are now also finding their way into the home more and more. Modern interior design has discovered the flexibility of this design as well as the many different styles. For floorlayers, this means that thermal sealing no longer only needs to serve practical purposes in terms of cleaning and maintenance measures, but must also meet higher aesthetic demands with extremely narrow joints. To ensure accuracy in applying the heat that is produced and to protect the linoleum, we have developed special reduction nozzles that provide perfect, neat results in conjunction with the welding rods we offer. Being so ergonomic to use, our barrel-type tools help you to lay even large areas quickly and neatly without tiring.


Gluing was yesterday. Welding is today

Tarpaulins must withstand the harshest of weather conditions and also exposure to high forces (from tensioning ropes, for example). In the past, glue bonding has proven to be good but not perfect. To meet this challenge in perfect quality, STEINEL recommends welding the edges. To make this process easy and to produce neat results, we have put together a set of perfectly matched tools for you. Our range-topping HG 2620 E hot air tool is also available in a practical cased set with the two most frequently used flat angled nozzles and a suitable pressure roller. This provides you with everything required for welding tarpaulins and sheeting whenever you need it. Because: real performers make a great team with a lasting bond.

Applications from the world of practice

Welding linoleum floor with HG 2620 E


Accessories for barrel-type hot air tools

Working with hot air can only be successful with the right accessories.

Precision is hugely important for a good job. Too much heat or an untidy joint can spoil the whole workpiece. This is why we supply the right accessories for virtually any situation. From a range of window, soldering, welding or reduction nozzles and various welding rods to tubes, scrapers, rollers and the innovative temperature scanner for working safely with materials that are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. This makes every one of our hot air tools truly multi-talented. This is our way of guaranteeing even more working pleasure.