STEINEL gun-type hot-air tools

The preferred choice for car wrappers, car mechanics and electricians.

Welding, heat-shrinking, shaping, removing – hot air makes all sorts of jobs incredibly easy. Jobs that demand precision, high performance and reliability. That is why discerning professionals prefer gun-type hot air tools from STEINEL.



Always the right temperature in the most confined of surroundings

Shrink-fitting materials is among the most common applications for our hot air tools. No matter whether you are applying heat-shrinkable tubing to wiring harnesses or shrinking protective films and plastic packagings. This is where the great performance you get from STEINEL hot air tools does the job quickly and shortens production times. Benefiting from a top-quality finish and the use of only the best materials, our hot air tools reduce servicing work and provide a long life expectancy even if used for prolonged periods. If you do ever encounter problems or need replacement parts, we have a 48-hour repair service and give an availability guarantee on all genuine parts. Needless to say, in STEINEL quality.


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Tips & Tutorials

All just hot air? Yes. But it's incredible what it can be used for! This page shows you how versatile hot air tools can be in everyday use. 


One tool. All sorts of jobs.

STEINEL hot-air guns and glue guns in action - from replacing a power cord to repairing a bumper. See what is possible with our tools and be inspired.