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Sensor-switched LED floodlights for more safety

Floodlights - featuring the very latest resource-conserving LED technology and high-precision sensors, these sensor-switched spotlights stylishly reflect the architecture, providing the finishing touch outdoors. Save energy costs and simply select the appropriate product from the range of STEINEL floodlights.

Our spotlight novelties

Intelligent technologies from STEINEL


The new professional sensor-switched XLED PRO Wide and XLED PRO Square floodlights feature STEINEL's new and revolutionary lens matrix, quite literally putting conventional rigidly aimed floodlights in the shade. The innovative lens matrix makes it possible to illuminate square or rectangular areas on facilities, company buildings, entrances or pathways with unprecedented even precision. What's more: these floodlights turn through 360° so they can be aimed exactly as needed to suit any particular situation.


Inspired by space technology

The patented cooling system used in our XLED home 2 and XLED PRO 240 floodlights is made of HCMC (High Conductive Magnesium Composite), a high-performance material from the aerospace industry which, despite its low weight, dissipates heat perfectly, minimising heat build-up and maximising the life expectancy of the LEDs. This material has reduced the weight of the floodlights to such an extent that it makes them very easy to install and also suitable for mounting on composite thermal insulation system (CTIS) walls without a problem.

Schwenkbarkeit Strahler.jpg

Full flexibility

The sophisticated mechanism enables adjustment in all directions, catering to any lighting situation. No matter whether you prefer lighting along the wall or precisely targeted illumination for a narrow pathway. Our floodlights are always the right choice.


Maximum safety and security

The adjustable basic light level of the XLED Square/Wide and XLED CAM provides orientation, safety and security in return for minimal energy consumption. The dimmed panel provides basic lighting which can be set to stay on all night, as well as for 10 or 30 minutes after the selected time has elapsed.

Flat panel.jpg

Real eye-catcher

Tilting and turning, the light head's flat design provides maximum adjustability. This makes it possible to define the exact area that needs to be illuminated. As a result, spaces of every kind can be illuminated with precision-targeted, even lighting. Uplighting and downlighting is also possible. Locking firmly into place, the LED panel always stays in the chosen position. 

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