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STEINEL Lights - We have been working on automatic lighting for over 30 years.Whether for outdoors or indoors – we develop and manufacture intelligent sensor and lighting solutions for every application at our European production facilities.

Our novelties

Intelligent technologies for our luminaires


Passive infrared. Responds to moving sources of heat.

The built-in pyro sensors respond to a change in infrared heat radiated within a defined detection zone - for example, when anyone enters the areas they are watching over. STEINEL passive infrared detectors are the all-rounders when it comes to monitoring large areas, such as warehouses, courtyard entrances or sports halls. They can provide a reach of up to 20 m and be mounted at heights of up to 14 m. They work reliably in damp, cold weather. Giving the highest detection quality on the market, they also underpin our claim of making the best products.


High frequency. Can even see through thin walls.

As an active system, the HF module emits electromagnetic waves and receives the echo reflected by walls and object at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. Any movement in the detection zone causes the echo to change and triggers a switch signal within a fraction of a second. The HF sensor operates irrespectively of ambient temperature and walking direction. No matter whether you approach the sensor from the front or side – detection quality and reach are always superb. HF waves penetrate panes of glass and stud walls and can therefore detect movements behind objects. The coverage is therefore total and without any blind spots. The HF sensor can also be installed behind suspended ceilings for aesthetic reasons or to protect it from vandalism and still provide optimum coverage.


Intelligent high-frequency technology

The iHF range impresses with a world first. For the first time, it has been possible to make the sensor in outdoor lights completely invisible. High-frequency sensor technology ensures that persons are detected with perfect precision. For the first time ever, disturbances such as wind, leaves, rain, snow and the like are now masked out. That's a world first!


Modern light of the future.

Bluetooth Mesh technology now makes it very easy for you to connect lights together without the need for additional wiring. Bluetooth-capable lights are becoming more and more popular – and come with compelling benefits. They are easy to set, interconnect and operate via the STEINEL app. New: several lights can be connected together to create groups that switch on and off simultaneously. As soon as one light detects a person moving, connected sensor-switched lights all switch on at the same time.


This is where economics and ecology go hand in hand.

LEDs are far brighter than other lamps - and use less energy. STEINEL has developed a unique cooling system to protect LEDs from overheating. This means they can reach a genuine life expectancy of 30 years and more. STEINEL's precision sensor technology makes sure that light is only switched on when it's actually needed. Combined with cutting-edge LED lighting, this reduces energy consumption by as much as 90%. The colour temperature, or also light colour, is expressed in kelvin (K) and denotes whether white light is warm and yellowy or cool and bluish. Warm-white light is like late daylight, it looks welcoming and relaxing. Neutral white light has an activating effect, daylight white improves concentration. Colour temperatures up to 3500 K are referred to as being warm white, from 3500 K as being neutral white and from 5400 K as being cool white. Lumen (lm) is the unit of luminous flux, being the total amount of light given off by a lamp radiating in all directions. Lumens show what brightness to expect far more clearly than wattage (W).

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