Building intelligence for apartment building

It pays to be smart. Also in residential complexes.

The Idea behind
Intelligent lighting systems that make living in residential buildings safe and pleasant - and save energy.

Public areas of residential buildings must be well lit so that residents, visitors and suppliers can find their way around easily and safely. However, this does not require permanent lighting of areas such as corridors, stairwells or the entrance area. If light is intelligently switched according to the use of an area and any available daylight is also taken into account, residential buildings offer great potential for savings. 

Modern SensorLights from STEINEL accompany users on their way through the building, ensuring a good feeling of security and saving energy.

By integrating Bluetooth into our lights, we are creating new possibilities that we call "Light Intelligence". This enables functions such as easy networking and setting of neighbouring groups via app. In addition, monitoring data of each individual luminaire and analysis information of the entire lighting network are available.

The project

  • There are about 42 million, apartments in Germany
  • Large cities grow disproportionately through the influx of young people in particular
  • Residential construction Motor for construction activity, significant price increase in construction and maintenance of residential buildings
  • While the number of people employed in residential construction rose by only 25 % between 2008 and 2018, orders on hand almost tripled during this period.



Bluetooth is the language that connects the different lights in residential buildings, bringing them together to create an intelligent lighting network.


Advanced Bluetooth lights not only increase the efficiency of a building but also the value of property. Costs can also be reduced by analysing their consumption.


Throughout every part of the building, sensors and sensor-switched lights are interconnected without cables and can be controlled via app with incredible ease.

Intelligence is good. Connected intelligence is better.

Bluetooth-based lighting intelligence guarantees maximum comfort and convenience in return for minimal energy consumption. And provides the capability of interconnecting different lights in various parts of the building - regardless of product and space. This way, for instance, the light at the entrance can be linked to the lighting in the stairwell. So that the light is switched on automatically only wherever it is really needed.


"Bluetooth-based Light Intelligence enables us to provide maximum convenience in return for minimal energy consumption."

Marcus Lund, Product Manager KHS, Sweden

Preceding and accompanying light

Where larger areas in a building need to be illuminated, it makes sense to link several lights together. With the RS PRO Connect R series, this is done very easily via Bluetooth using an app without laying any additional cables. Lighting groups can also be created. Intelligent lighting control ensures that the light switches on wherever the user happens to be. Users are accompanied by light to their destination so to speak, and always feel safe – real added convenience. In the areas not being used, the light stays off or provides only a dimmed level of illumination. If Bluetooth-capable lights in other areas are also integrated into the control system, the light in the stairwell, for example, can be linked to the lighting in the underground car park.

Lighting can be as intelligent as this


Wall Sensor - IR 180 UP

It's good when things simply work as they should without any major input. Like the IR 180 UP easy does, which can be used to automate light in corridors, stairwells or WCs in hardly any time at all.

Spot DUO_Sensor.png

Spot Duo Sensor Connect

The DUO double spotlight provides bright, punctual illumination at entrances and passageways. To illuminate larger areas, several can be networked together - without laying cables.


RS Pro Connect LED

Wirelessly interconnectable via Bluetooth, the lights from the RS PRO Connect R-series come with 4 digitally adjustable lighting functions


iHF 3D Bluetooth

The iHF 3D is connected to the lighting in the entrance zone and switches light on whenever a person approaches the building.


Simply talk to each other. Just like our Bluetooth lights do.

Bluetooth lights open up all manner of options. Such as the ease of interconnecting and setting neighbouring groups via app. Added to this comes smart metering and monitoring data from individual lights as well as valuable analysis information on all aspects of the lighting network. It is on this basis that parameters, such as stay-on times or light levels, can be adjusted as required. This way, owners can increase building efficiency while residents feel safe and secure throughout the building and also benefit from lower costs.


Latest-generation STEINEL lighting systems comply with the new EU requirements on efficiency.


Lights and sensors on walls, ceilings or in the stairwell are easy to set and operate via STEINEL app – 100% convenience.


Sensor-controlled lighting can reduce energy consumption in a residential complex by approx. 75%.

Good neighbours talk to each other. Good sensors too.

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