Governance Responsibility

Trust through Openness

At STEINEL, we are committed to responsible and sustainable corporate governance. We adhere to the given legal framework and also align our actions with our mission statement. With a compliance management, the avoidance of unnecessary risks, the establishment of management and control processes and the creation of transparency, including through independent certifications, we meet our corporate obligation.

Overview of the Certification of Our Products

Our products go far beyond the standards required by law. In addition, we work with institutes worldwide to ensure that each of our products is independently tested.
ISO 14001:2015

STEINEL has implement and maintains a Quality Management System. 

ISO 9001:2015

STEINEL has implement and maintains a Quality Management System.

ISO 9001:2008

STEINEL has implement and maintains a Quality Management System.


STEINEL is known to be a manufacturer of finished products in the "downstream-user" sense of Reach.


STEINEL gladly confirms, that all our products are in accordance with the requirements of the RoHS-Directive.

Battery Testing Summary

STEINEL gladly confirms, that Lithium-Ion batteries have been successfully test and comply with UN Model regulation.

HG 2320 ESD

STEINEL gladly confirms, that HG 2320 ESD have been successfully tested, is certified and complies with the requirements for handling of ESD sensitive products and in ESD protected areas.

Further Topics Around Sustainability


Environment - Protecting Our Livelihood

What does the framework for environmentally compatible production look like at STEINEL? And how can clever product development lead to greater sustainability? A look behind the scenes shows our striving for energy efficiency, environmental and climate protection.


Social Responsibility - Being Strong Together

We put people at the center. Whether as an employee, learner, manager or inventor. Our set of values is expressed in the STEINEL mission statement. This is our guiding principle for our actions and demonstrates our responsibility.