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US Hallway DIM-24    
Occupancy Sensors

The US Hallway DIM-24  is a low voltage (40 kHz) Ultrasonic Technology Occupancy Sensor that utilizes STEINEL’s state of the art ultrasonic signal processing to provide superior stable volumetric bidirectional detection and provides a 1-10 volt dimming output to control ballasts or driver lighting loads. Lighting is controlled in relation to the presence of motion, the user selected dim level by remote or momentary switch and ambient light levels. As soon as occupancy is detected, the sensor goes to either the last selected electric light dim level (constant-lighting controller ‘OFF’) or adjusts to the last selected electric light + daylight brightness level  (constant-lighting controller ‘ON’). The “force off” light level feature will turn lights off when sufficient daylight is present for additional energy savings. When no movement is detected and the occupancy time setting has elapsed, the sensor dims light levels back to basic brightness (1.6 volts), after the Stay ‘ON’ time DIM before ‘OFF’ delay has expired the light turns off.   The unique linear bidirectional coverage pattern is engineered specifically for hallways and applications requiring a true volumetric linear pattern of detection. This is an ideal hallway sensor for design and retrofit applications.  Operational choices of auto on or manual on with a momentary or maintained switch input. The convenient “COM-Link” feature enables multiple sensors to link together via the communication link for pier to pier grouping achieving expanded detection zones with control set up functions set at only one primary sensor for the entire group. The available service and user wireless remotes provide simplified commissioning and occupant convenience.

The Control PRO group of detectors are available in multiple presence detection technologies for the control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning as well as lighting (as in the COM2-24 versions) and optional 1-10 volt dimming and daylighting options (in the DIM-24 versions).
  • Low voltage (18-24 VDC/VAC) sensor for use with a power pack or building automation system
  • 1-10 volt dimming
  • Stay ‘ON’ time DIM before ‘OFF’
  • Constant light level DIM control option
  • Ultrasonic (40 kHz) Presence Detection
  • Service and user wireless remotes available
  • Manual ON mode (MAN) / Automatic mode (AUTO)
  • Momentary / Maintained switch option
  • ‘ON’ only / ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ manual switching
  • IQ Mode dynamically adjusts the ‘ON’ time delay by learning individual room occupancy

Owner’s Manual
Data Sheet

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