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IR Quattro COM1-24    
Presence Detector
The IR Quattro COM1-24 is a low voltage passive infrared presence detector setting a new standard in lighting control with minimal movement required for human presence detection. It features a single pyroelectric detector with a high performance lens system creating 1,760 switching zones. Operational choices of manual on or auto on with either momentary or maintained switch options. Included light level feature provides the option to turn lights off when sufficient daylight is present for additional energy savings. The innovative mechanical reach setting enables the designer with a precise method of controlling lighting zones by means of optimizing the sensors detection reach without compromising sensitivity providing true precise presence detection in the desired detection zone. Mounting options provide for 4" Square box, 4" Octagon box, Round 3.0 Mud-Ring or directly to the ceiling with quick mount spring tabs. The available time saving wireless remote commissioning set up tool and the user / occupant
wireless remote provides addition convenience.

The Control PRO family of presence detectors are also available in multiple presence detection technologies for control of lighting as well as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (as in the COM2-24 versions).
  • Low voltage (18-24 VDC/VAC) sensor for use with a power pack or building automation system
  • PIR Presence Detection
  • Mechanical reach setting
  • Square coverage pattern with 1760 switching zones
  • Remote commissioning and user controls
  • Manual ON mode (MAN) / Automatic mode (AUTO)
  • Momentary / Maintained switch option
  • ‘ON’ only / ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ manual switching
  • Light level feature turns lights off when sufficient daylight is present
  • Mounts to a 4" Square box, 4" Octagon box, Round 3.0 Mud-Ring or directly to the ceiling with quick mount spring tabs
  • IQ Mode dynamically adjusts the ‘ON’ time delay by learning individual room occupancy

Owner’s Manual
Data Sheet

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