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IS 3180-24    
Large Area Occupancy Sensor
The IS 3180-24 mounts on a wall or ceiling and is designed to control large building areas. The sensor is part of the STEINEL family of German engineered, high performance commercial occupancy sensors.
IS 3180-24 sensors are passive infrared and respond to heat radiated from human body motion. They turn lighting ON either automatically with occupancy or manually using a low voltage wall switch and the manual on mode of a STEINEL power pack. After a period of time where no occupancy has been detected, the sensor switches lighting OFF.
  • Shrouds allow users to easily customize the coverage area; the moving lens (mechanical adjustment) fine tunes coverage even further
  • 2 pyroelectric detectors with 448 switching zones provides sensitive motion detection
  • Automatically adjusts to temperature changes keeping sensitivity and coverage consistent
  • Light level feature allows lighting to remain off during daylight regardless of occupancy; User-friendly “teach mode” saves time with commissioning


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