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IR CM COM2-24    
Presence Detector

The IR CM COM2-24 is a low voltage passive infrared corner mount presence detector setting a new standard in lighting and HVAC control with minimal movement required for human presence detection. Lighting is controlled in relation to both the presence of motion and ambient light levels. The HVAC output (isolated normally open and normally closed dry contacts) are signaled in relation to only the presence of motion. It features a pyroelectric detector with a high performance lens system creating 520 switching zones. Operational choices of manual on or auto on with either momentary or maintained switch options. Included light level feature provides the option to turn lights off when sufficient daylight is present for additional energy savings. The convenient "COM-Link" feature enables multiple sensors to link together via the communication link for peer to peer grouping achieving expanded detection zones with control set up functions set at only one primary sensor for the entire group. The available service and user wireless remotes provide simplified commissioning and occupant

  • Independent ON and OFF time settings for the HVAC (NO/NC)
  • PIR Presence Detection with 520 switching zones
  • Service and user wireless remotes available
  • Manual ON mode (MAN) / Automatic mode (AUTO)
  • Momentary / Maintained switch option
  • ‘ON’ only / ‘ON’ & ‘OFF’ manual switching
  • Light level feature turns lights off with sufficient daylight
  • "COM-Link" communication allows for up to 10 sensors to be grouped together
  • Auto-HVAC mode reduces presence detection sensitivity and requires additional detection verification before signaling the HVAC output.

Owner’s Manual
Data Sheet

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